Mean Fibre Diameter & Mean Fibre Curvature Test

The Mean Fibre Diameter & Mean Fibre Curvature test is suitable for – Cashmere, Wool, Mohair, Alpaca, Llama, Guanaco, Vicuña

Cost: 1-10 samples £20.00/sample, 10+ samples £19.00/sample

What You Get Description
Mean Fibre Diameter Test Mean Fibre Diameter (µm)
Standard Deviation (SD) of the mean in microns (µm)
Coefficient of Variation (CV) of the mean in percentage (%)
Sample Size (number of individual fibres measured)
Comfort Factor (percentage of fibres under 30µm)
Histogram in 2µm bins (steps) showing the number of fibres in each 2µm bin and how they accumulate to 100% of the fibres measured.
The Mean Curvature in degrees per Millimetre (deg/mm) As most fibres are formed they curve, this is usually called the crimp and can be even and structured in the fibre staple or ‘all over the place’.
The OFDA can measure how much the fibre curves per millimetre.
Fibres with no curvature are straight fibres and can be difficult to spin, fibres with lots of curvature mean that even a few fibres will cling together and can be spun into fine yarns.
The Standard Deviation of the Mean Curvature Not all measurements are exactly the same as the mean; calculate how much each differs (deviates) from the mean, take the square of this difference and add the squares together to get the sum.
Then, take the square root of the sum and divide this by the number of measurements to give the Standard Deviation.