Mean Fibre Diameter Test

The Mean Fibre Diameter Test is suitable for – Cashmere, Wool, Mohair, Alpaca, Llama, Guanaco, Vicuña

Cost: 1-10 samples £18.00/sample, 10+ samples £17.00/sample
What You Get Description
Mean Fibre Diameter (µm) Add up all the diameters of the fibres measured and then divide the total by the number of fibres
Standard Deviation (µm) Not all measurements are exactly the same as the mean; calculate how much each differs (deviates) from the mean, take the square of this difference and add the squares together to get the sum. Then, take the square root of the sum and divide this by the number of measurements to give the Standard Deviation.
Coefficient of Variation (%) Divide the Standard Deviation by the Mean Fibre Diameter and multiply by 100 to get the Coefficient of Variation as a percentage. You can express the Coefficient of Variation without converting it, but it is easier to understand as a percentage.
Sample Size The number of individual fibres measured
Comfort Factor Percentage of fibres under 30µm
Histogram in 2µm bins The histogram shows the number of fibres in each 2µm bin and how they accumulate to 100% of the fibres measured