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Fibre Lab Home
The Fibre Lab in Central Asia



Grabbed by the Alpacas - A definitive guide to everything alpaca

Rosewyn Alpaca - Alpacas - living in Devon!

Alpaca Seller UK - Matching Alpaca buyers & sellers across the UK (or, for international sales, AlpacaSeller.com)

Roseland Llamas - Llama farming, Llama breeding, Llama ownership in the UK

The British Goat Society - All about Goats

Specialist Spinning - Spinning alpaca fleece into yarn for knitting wool

Diamond Fibres - Specialised Yarns, Carded Wool, Original Knitwear, Commission Carding & Spinning

Green Mountain Spinnery - based in Vermont, but lots of good stuff...

The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers - says it all

The Journal of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Wild Fibres - a monthly publication of interest to all cashmere goat keepers, published in the USA

Scottish Fibres - a resource for all your spinning, weaving and handcraft supplies by mail order

The Natural Fibre Company - Spins wool in small quantities from flocks in Britain, France and Northern Europe

Hornik Fibertech Worldwide suppliers for the OFDA 100 and associated products

Yarns and Fibers - a database of prospective textile buyers and sellers; apparently based in India, seems to offer all sorts of fibre-related services on a world market. They asked for a reciprocal link and we are always pleased to oblige...